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Isopropyl alcohol 99%

Clean work environments, remove residues

Liquid Pro IPA 99 Gallon (1).png

What is it?

  • Liquid Pro IPA 99% is a solution that has little to no dilution in alcohol content 

  • It is a solvent with many industrial uses

    • Often used in the electronic, ​medical, automotive, and beauty industries 

How to use

  • IPA 99% can be used as is, but it can also be diluted to make IPA 50-70% solutions

  • Undiluted, it can be used the same way as IPA 70%

Why should I use it?

  • This product has several benefits: ​​

    • Evaporates rapidly ​

    • A general-purpose cleaner that doesn't leave behind any residue 

  • Can be used to clean any surface, as the solution is non-corrosive to metals and plastics 

  • Effective against residues such as grease and wax 

  • Has a long self life of about 3 years 

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Gallon (128 oz)

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