isopropyl alcohol 70%

Your go-to first aid antiseptic and cleaning agent

What is it?

  • Liquid Pro IPA 70% consists of 70% alcohol and 30% deionized water

  • Also known as rubbing alcohol, this product is often used as a first aid antiseptic and surface disinfectant 

How to use

  • IPA 70% can be used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, or cleaning agent 

  • Simply apply a moderate amount to a paper towel, cotton pad/ball, or cotton swab to use

  • You may also put the solution into a spray bottle for use (once you spray onto a surface, let it sit until dry or wipe 

Why should I use it?

  • This product has several benefits: ​​

    • Multipurpose​

    • Cost-effective 

    • More effective in killing bacteria

  • IPA 70% can help prevent the risk of infection and is often used to clean tools, as well as home and work environments: 

    • Can be used to clean and disinfect counters, tabletops, electronics, etc.

  • Has a long self life of 2-3 years 

  • This product is an essential in everyone's home! 


Gallon (128 oz)